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The National Prevention Toolkit

on Officer-Involved Domestic Violence and Human Trafficking

Sex Trafficking

What is sex trafficking? *

Transporting, soliciting, recruiting, harboring, providing, enticing, maintaining, or obtaining another person for the purpose of exploitation of that person. – FL Statute 787.06

When a commercial sex act is induced by force, fraud, or coercion, or in which the person induced to perform such act has not attained 18 years of age. -National Institute of Justice.

The Victims *

  • Victims of sex trafficking can be any gender, socioeconomic class, and ethnicity.
  • Individuals who have experienced previous violence (domestic violence or sexual assault/abuse) are more at-risk for being trafficked.
  • Victims can be both U.S. citizens and foreign nationals.
  • More than 50% of minors trafficked for sex are runaways.

The Perpetrators *

  • Traffickers can be a single person or a network of people.
  • Traffickers often share the same national or cultural background as the victim.
  • Traffickers can be any gender and age.
  • Victims may be forced to recruit, manage, and discipline other victims which could make them appear to be traffickers.
  • A recent analysis revealed that among those who trafficked minors for sex:
    • The trafficker’s average age was 28.5
    • 24.4% of the traffickers were women
    • 45.1% of traffickers knew their victims

Common Sex Trafficking Sites *

  • Hotels/Motels
    • A six-year analysis revealed that when minors were trafficked for sex, 56.6% of sex trafficking activities occurred in hotel/motel rooms.
  • Fake massage businesses
    • Victims who work at illicit massage businesses are often forced to provide sex acts for the customers.
  • Residential brothels
    • These brothels can be in any structure (houses, apartments, condos, and trailers) in urban, suburban, or rural cities.
  • Truck stops
    • Rest stops are convenient sites for traffickers to sell victims and provide an easy way to move victims.

Sex Trafficking: How Do Traffickers Recruit Victims?

The chart below describes tactics used by sex traffickers to recruit and entrap victims and provides specific examples from news articles.

Recruitment Tactic


“Boyfriend” Tactic

  • The trafficker
    • Flatters the victim with attention and compliments.
    • Psychologically manipulates the victim (says he “loves” her).
    • Gives expensive gifts.
    • Becomes intermittently violent (similar to domestic violence battering tactics).
      • This pattern creates an emotional attachment for the victim despite the abuse (trauma bond).
  • Trafficker lured women from Mexico.
  • He promised the women that he loved them and would marry them.
  • The victims were forced to prostitute.
  • Intermittently, the trafficker became very violent.

Source: Sifuentes, E. (2016, August 29). REGION: Two men plead guilty in sex trafficking case. Retrieved November 29, 2017. Read More

“Helping” Tactic

  • The trafficker
    • Helps runaway victim.
    • Gives shelter to homeless victim.
    • Provides drugs.
    • Helps victim avoid police/other authorities.
  • The trafficker is the “only one the victim can trust.”
  • Two female traffickers met a 14-year-old female runaway.
  • The women befriended victim.
  • As long as she “earned her stay,” she was allowed to live with the traffickers.
  • The victim was forced into prostitution.

Source: Hamacher, L. R. (2015, June 02). 2 Women charged in teen human trafficking case. Retrieved October 25, 2017. Read More

Gang Involvement

  • Gang member pressures the victim into prostitution.
    • Victim may be a member of the gang.
    • The victim’s boyfriend may be in the gang.
    • Victim may be unaffiliated and preyed upon by the gang.
  • A 14-year-old female runaway was picked up by a female member of “Nine Trey Billy Bad Ass” gang (affiliated with the Bloods).
  • This gang member acted as “second mom.”
  • The victim was taken to a motel, given drugs, and raped by male gang members.
  • The traffickers said she had to pay them back for the drugs and she was forced to prostitute.

Source: Dostis, M. (2014, December 18). Girl details ‘despicable’ sex crimes at gang sentencing. Orlando Sentinel. Retrieved October 11, 2017. Read More


  • The trafficker
    • Isolates the victim from family, friends, and the outside world.
    • Controls or takes away the victim’s phone.
    • Controls or deletes the victim’s social media.
    • Moves the victim to a new city or state.
  • Traffickers lured Hungarian men to the U.S. for work and forced them to prostitute.
  • The victims were isolated from each other and confined in an apartment.
  • The traffickers took away the victims’ travel and identification documents.
  • The traffickers monitored their communication with family and the outside world.

Source: Miami-Dade Office of the State Attorney. (2014, October 21). Sex Traffickers Charged with RICO For Luring Hungarian Men to Miami. Retrieved November 09, 2017. Read More


  • The trafficker
    • Abducts the victim.
    • Drugs or uses physical force.
    • Holds the victim hostage.
    • Forces the victim to use more drugs to keep compliant.
  • A 19-year-old woman was kidnapped from her home at gunpoint.
  • She was held hostage in a hotel room.
  • The traffickers advertised her on Backpage and planned to prostitute her.

Source: Whigham, J., II. (2017, February 14). Three face human-trafficking charges; Boynton woman, 19, targeted. Palm Beach Post. Retrieved October 27, 2017. Read More

“Bait and Switch”

  • The trafficker
    • Loans the victim money or other assistance (housing, food, shelter, travel into country).
    • Insists the victim doesn’t need to pay the money back.
    • Later forces the victim into prostitution to pay off the debt.
    • Threatens harm for non-compliance.
  • Traffickers recruited adult and minor females from Mexico.
  • The victims were promised restaurant jobs in the U.S.
  • The traffickers forced the victims to prostitute until they paid back double the smuggling fee.
  • The traffickers beat the victims and threatened their family.

Source: U.S. Attorney’s Office. (2017, April 21). Eight Members Of Mexican Sex Trafficking Enterprise Plead Guilty To Racketeering, Sex Trafficking, And Related Crimes. Retrieved November 17, 2017. Read More

Prey on Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities

  • The trafficker may pick up the victim at a bus stop or on the street.
  • The victim is unaware they are being exploited.
  • The victim is unable to distinguish between pimp/john and boyfriend.
    • An individual with an intellectual disability is particularly vulnerable to trafficking.
  • An adult female with a mental disability was trafficked for 7 years.
  • She was forced to engage in sexual activity in exchange for candy and trips to the dollar store.
  • The trafficker had full control of the victim’s money.

Source: United States District Court, M.D. Tennessee, Northeastern Division. (2014, March 25). FRANKENFIELD v. STRONG | No. 2:12-00054. | 20140428820. Retrieved November 09, 2017. Read More

Grooming Children

  • The trafficker
    • Frequently talks, jokes, and asks questions about sex.
    • Has sex with the victim.
    • Exposes the victim to pornography.
    • Takes explicit pictures of the victim.
    • Recruits other victims to “normalize” the experience.
  • The trafficker recruited a 15-year-old female through an internet chat site.
  • The victim was transported to a hotel.
  • The trafficker forced the victim to have sex with him and then forced her to prostitute.

Source: U.S. Attorney’s Office. (2012, April 16). Convicted Sex Offender Sentenced to 20 Years for Additional Crimes Against a Child. Retrieved November 09, 2017. Read More

Sex Trafficking: How Do Traffickers Control Victims?

The chart below describes tactics used by sex traffickers to control victims and provides specific examples from news articles.

Controlling Tactic



  • The trafficker
    • Convinces the victim that they are worthless.
    • Convinces the victim they can’t do anything else now.
    • Posts explicit photos of the victim online.
    • Threatens to show the victim’s family the explicit photos.
  • Trafficker prostituted young females in six states.
  • Threatened to post pornographic videos/images of them online.
  • The trafficker hacked one victim’s Facebook and posted explicit photos.

Source: Staff Report. (2017, November 10). Man convicted of 17 federal felonies for luring women and teens into prostitution. Redmond Reporter. Retrieved on November 13, 2017. Read More


  • Loyalty to the trafficker becomes the highest priority.
  • The victim doesn’t want to be a “snitch.”
  • The trafficker convinces the victim that they were rescued from worse.
  • The victim is convinced that they owe the trafficker everything.
  • The trafficker provides drugs to the victim and they become addicted.
  • 13-year-old victim stated that the trafficker “never abused her and she feels bad for getting him arrested.”
  • The trafficker forced women already addicted to drugs to prostitute in exchange for more drugs and food.

Source: Reid, J. A. (n.d). Entrapment and Enmeshment Schemes Used by Sex Traffickers. Sexual Abuse-A Journal Of Research And Treatment, 28(6), 491-511.

Source: Russell, E. (2017, November 27). Wasilla man sentenced for two counts of sex trafficking. Alaska Public Media. Retrieved November 28, 2017. Read More

Make Complicit in Crime

  • The trafficker forces the victim to participate in crime (shoplifting, drug deals, etc.).
  • The victim is forced to recruit other victims.
  • The trafficker forces the victim to control and abuse the other victims.
  • The trafficker engaged with a middle-school girl over a social media app.
  • Sent graphic sexual text messages to the victim and committed sexual battery against the victim.
  • Wanted the victim to become “plug,” recruiting other girls into prostitution.

Source: Whigham, J., II. (2017, May 17). New: Florida man faces human-trafficking charge with middle-school kid. Palm Beach Post. Retrieved November 1, 2017. Read More


  • The trafficker
    • May impregnate the victim
    • Takes the victim’s child away.
    • Makes threats to harm/run away with the victim’s child
    • Forces the victim to have an abortion.
    • Does not allow the victim medical treatment while pregnant.
  • Traffickers kept victims from seeing their child until they earned their “quota” for the day.

Source: Reid, J. A. (n.d). Entrapment and Enmeshment Schemes Used by Sex Traffickers. Sexual Abuse-A Journal Of Research And Treatment, 28(6), 491-511.


  • The trafficker
    • Takes away the victim’s phone.
    • Cuts off the victim’s social media access.
    • Holds the victim in a home with a camera, alarms, motion sensors, and locks.
  • The trafficker lured women under false pretenses into prostitution.
  • Took away the victims’ cell phones, laptops, and identification documents.
  • The victims were not allowed to communicate with each other or anyone from the outside world without the trafficker’s permission.

Source: U.S. Attorney’s Office. (2013, November 13). Ringleader Of El Paso And Baltimore-based Federal Human Trafficking Investigation Sentenced To 17 1/2 Years In Federal Prison. Retrieved November 29, 2017. Read More

Financial Control

  • The trafficker
    • Keeps all or most of victim’s money.
    • Controls all of the victim’s possessions.
  • The trafficker forced the victim to prostitute throughout Florida.
  • The trafficker took all money earned from the victim prostituting.

Source: Ray, W. (2016, December 28). Attorney General Bondi and Marion County Sheriff Gainey Announce Human Trafficking Arrest. Retrieved October 25, 2017. Read More

Intimidation and Violence

  • The trafficker routinely threatens physical harm and emotionally abuses the victim.
  • The trafficker threatens the victim’s family members.
  • Uses violence including but not limited to:
    • Physical assault.
    • Rape.
    • Showing weapons.
    • Tattooing and branding.
    • Threatening with death.
    • Threatening that the trafficker will abandon the victim or have them arrested.
  • The trafficker forced three victims to prostitute in motels and frequently beat them.
  • One victim had two broken ribs, an open head wound, and several bruises.
  • Another victim was beaten with a power cord, had a dumbbell dropped on her, and cleaning liquid poured into her eyes.

Source: U.S. Department of Justice. (2013, January 09). Chicago Man Pleads Guilty to Transporting Woman Across State Lines for Prostitution. Retrieved November 29, 2017. Read More

Provide Hope, Connection, Faux Family

  • The trafficker
    • Convinces the victim they are the “special one.”
    • Convinces the victim that no one else will understand what they’ve been through.
    • Convinces the victim that they are part of a “team” or “family.”
  • The victim has an emotional attachment despite abuse (trauma bond).
  • A 16-year-old victim was kicked out of an upper-middle class family.
  • Moved in with a “motherly figure” who then forced victim into prostitution.
  • Despite being trafficked by her, the victim described the trafficker as “a good person. She just had twisted ways.”

Source: McNamara, M. (2016, March 1). Sex Trafficking in Northwest Florida. Retrieved on November 15, 2017. Read More

Sex Trafficking Charts Source: Reid, J. A. (n.d). Entrapment and Enmeshment Schemes Used by Sex Traffickers. Sexual Abuse-A Journal Of Research And Treatment, 28(6), 491-511.

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